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I just listened to the new Rammstein Single "Mein Teil", guess what it sucked ass. Ok the radio edit was welldone but the bonus material simply made me cry.
How come that the pet shop boyees *barf* did the rmx and not a Trent Reznor (NiN) or Rudy Ratzinger aka Wumpscut?
damn it! I want some industry and not that gay synth shit.
i guess their label said u better do that with psb or else ... so i think it is an insult to the olde fanbase (yeah i count myself to that since summer of 1995) so gimme back the old style!
greetz EB

Hey Folks, please download the Mozilla Webbrowser. It is afaik the best Browser ever. Secure, Fast and Stable! ...download it here ...-> Mozilla Website

1st. I dislike Goths!
it is very easy to explain.
THEY SUCK! goths (whose acquaintanceship I have made) are an ignorant - intolerant - selfloving - pack.
so do not bother me with deadloving shit! I hate that. I love life and I love to live. There is so much stuff out there that's worth to live for. And I am sorry for those who cannot find love. If you are a Goth, eat shit and die you worthless piece of shit.

Yes I am a so called Neofolker. So keep your antifashit for yourself - they have no idea what neofolk is really about - they are not willing to listen or argue about it. so they have _already_ lost.

if someone should feel insulted by me, write an email to: I don't care about goths.
all ppl that do not belong to goths are very welcome on this site.
enjoy your stay and leave a message in the guestbook.

regards Your E-Brot!

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